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Don't Sacrifice Flavor

Fuel your body with the support it craves with our yummy cacao, cafe mocha and chocolate mint superfood flavors.


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Superfoods for a Super You

Longevity is a nutrient dense, plant-based superfood powder that's free of wheat, gluten, and dairy. Our superfood blends can become part of your daily routine and help you simplify your wellness through an online subscription. 

Longevity provides better energy, focus, endurance and recovery with users experiencing immediate and tangible results within 7 to 10 days of regular use.

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Natural, plant-based ingredients

Wheat-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free

“Wellness, for me, is about developing a healthy lifestyle that’s sustainable—that creates energy, longevity, and optimal living. What I put in my body is as equally important as how I treat my body.”


REad Brooke's Story
Based on 11 reviews

Both Café Mocha and the Cacao are delicious! I love starting my morning with a shake, and knowing I'm doing something good for my body! Thank you Brooke!

Wow, never felt better! Libido and energy are much improved.

I am blown away that I’ve just been taking this for a couple weeks and my energy and stamina has improved dramatically. But the best unexpected side effect was my improved libido! Wow, I’m hooked!

Longevity Cacao - Subscribe to Save 10% ($44.96)

Great stuff!

The Longevity superfood powders are great stuff. It includes many ingredients that I like to add to my smoothies in one scoop and tastes delicious. I always love to have another smoothie booster in my "library".

I feel full for hours

After using Longevity for about 4 months, I can say I notice significant increases in energy, regulated digestion, and less persistent hunger. I feel full for hours after taking my two scoops AND I’ve lost weight!

Healthy and Great Taste!

I purchased my 1st bag in Sept and love my results. I feel a greater, more balanced energy level and feel more alert. I, since, have increased my intake to 2 scoops per day and I feel great. My biggest issue is the cacao tastes so good, I want to take more! I highly recommend this product if you're looking for a consistently higher energy level while providing such great organic ingredients for overall health.

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