This has been my lifelong mantra:

"I am powerful, strong, and committed to living a healthy lifestyle that works for me and my family."


People overcomplicate their health. As a fitness encourager and advocate for women’s health, I’ve seen this firsthand. They seek quick fixes, hopping on the latest weight-loss trend or taking one-off classes in order to stay in shape. They spend hundreds on products that overpromise and include low-integrity ingredients that don’t offer long-term health benefits.

Find Your Harmony

Longevity fits seamlessly into your busy schedule and encourages harmony by aligning your mind, body, and soul. My mornings start with positive daily affirmations and a scoop (or two) of Longevity, a superfood blend that genuinely tastes good and works.

Being healthy isn’t a quick fix—it’s a consistent lifestyle choice. Having a superfood product that works with my schedule helps me achieve long-lasting energy.

As a true believer in health and wellness, I embody the Longevity brand and see it as a natural extension of Brooke Burke Body. Together, we are expanding beyond fitness and encouraging consumers to think more holistically about their health and wellness. Our delicious superfood blends help my mind, body, and soul work in concert to effortlessly achieve harmony. We hope you join us on this new journey.

Brooke Burke Body Brand